Storage Tips

These helpful hints are good practice whether you're utilizing one of our facilities, or if you're using your own garage or attic for storage.

Of course we'd like to see you at our storage facility, but we'd rather see your equipment, furniture or clothing remain in good condition.

♦ Pack your belongings in cardboard boxes or Rubbermaid bins.

♦ Pack each box tightly, as over packed boxes tend to bulge and tip over when stacked. Under filled boxes tend to collapse when†† stacked. Use newspaper, rags, towels, blankets to fill in empty space in the box.

♦ Label each box appropriately for easy identification.

♦ When storing appliances, make sure they are clean and dry. Never store food!

♦ If you plan on storing clothing or draperies, be sure to hang in a wardrobe box.

♦ Always wrap each plate, cup, bowl, etc. individually for more protection.

♦ When placing your items into the storage unit place the items you made need in the near future closest to the front for easy access.

♦ Always leave a path, so all items are accessible.

♦ Do not place cardboard boxes directly on the concrete floor. Use pallets or skids to prevent moisture absorption.

♦ Place larger bulkier items on the bottom, and more fragile items on the top.

♦ When storing tables, sofas, etc. remove all legs and store on end to save space.

♦ Drain all gasoline, oil from lawn mowers, snow blowers etc.

♦ Be sure to cover mattresses with a cover and lay flat.

♦ If you are storing furniture, make sure to cover with a dust cover or a bed sheet.

♦ Always use, a high quality lock, available for purchase in the office.

Our Customers:

  • Apartment Dwellers: Our units can handle such overflow items as seasonal clothing, recreational vehicles and equipment or virtually any item that would take up valuable space in limited living quarters. Whispering Woods Self Storage is convenient when you're moving. Store your furniture and other valuables while waiting to move into your new residence.
  • Homeowners: Can store such items as excess furniture, large power tools, camping trailers, sports equipment, snow blowers, lawn tractors or any other seasonal equipment.
  • Contractors: Whispering Woods Self Storage is an ideal place to store equipment, tools, and materials after work.
  • Business Owners: Whispering Woods Self Storage provides space for old records and seldom-used equipment with immediate access to them when the need arises (e.g. items held up in estate settlement or litigation).
  • Retailers: Whispering Woods Self Storage provides extra space for long-term or seasonal inventory and promotional displays at a lower cost than your valuable floor space.
  • Account Executives/Sales: You will find that Whispering Woods Self Storage is perfect for when you need to store samples, sales kits, hold order and demonstrator equipment in a dry area.
  • Students: Our units are the perfect place to store everything from books to stereos, from clothing to cars (between terms).
  • Recreational Vehicle Owners: In the off season, you will find that Whispering Woods Self Storage is the perfect place to store your motorcycle, jet ski, snowmobile, camper trailer, boat or RV.

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